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The Launch of the Emerging Entrepreneurs Initiative by the Sharjah Investors Services Center




The Sharjah Investors Services Center (SAEED), an arm of the Sharjah FDI Office (Invest in Sharjah), has unveiled the Emerging Entrepreneurs initiative, aimed at simplifying the startup process for entrepreneurs and innovators in Sharjah.

Developed in collaboration with the Sharjah Youth Council and Sharjah SME (Ruwad), the initiative streamlines licensing procedures and manages all requisite paperwork and government transactions through SAEED.

“SAEED was founded on the principle of consolidating services to bolster investor support. Through this initiative, in partnership with the Sharjah Youth Council and Ruwad, we extend our reach to embrace young entrepreneurs and innovators eager to launch their ventures in Sharjah’s vibrant markets,” stated Saif Al Suwaidi, Acting Manager of SAEED. “These emerging business leaders benefit from our customized facilitation packages, empowering them to leverage Sharjah’s nurturing and dynamic environment for entrepreneurial and innovative ventures.”

Ruwad offers entrepreneurs a comprehensive support package tailored for startups, including financing programs, virtual business incubators for university students, and other services. Meanwhile, the Sharjah Youth Council conducts workshops and educational programs to raise awareness among youth.

Fatima Al Ali, Acting Director of Ruwad, underscored the foundation’s commitment to forging and sustaining partnerships with governmental entities to enhance Sharjah’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. She highlighted that through this initiative, the Ruwad team directly engages with entrepreneurs interested in joining the foundation’s membership program, granting them access to a wide array of benefits and support services, already benefiting their network of 1,500 members.

Sheikha Issa Al Harmoudi, a member of the Sharjah Youth Council, emphasized that the collaboration with SAEED and Ruwad aligns seamlessly with the council’s strategic objectives to promote successful investment initiatives among Sharjah’s youth, thereby supporting the local economy and overcoming hurdles faced by young innovators and entrepreneurs. The Emerging Entrepreneurs initiative is poised to enrich Sharjah’s entrepreneurial landscape and spur local economic growth.

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