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Sowmya Iyer points out the flaws in the current PR operational practices



Sowmya Iyer

The modern world is full of cut-throat competition where every small effort counts. The free flow of information supported by the internet has made consumers aware of their options. It is unquestionable that the more credibility you build with your customers, the more growth you can achieve.

Public Relations is a field that bridges this credibility-based gap between businesses and their customers. It is no surprise that big brands invest considerable resources towards their PR and marketing efforts. Understanding this importance, many medium and small brands, along with start-ups, are making investing in PR. However, there is a huge gap between what is promised by the PR agencies and agents and what is being delivered.

Ms. Sowmya Iyer is a PR industry expert who understands this huge gap and the untapped potential. She launched her new-age PR & communication advisory firm, Clarity Communication, in 2016 and has thrived on repeat business her clients are the best advertisement for that. She has over two decades of PR experience and has gradually worked her way up the ladder.

An Arts graduate, Ms. Sowmya has always stunned everybody by being an underdog and emerging a winner. She recalls, ‘I decided to major in Arts in 12th standard. When nobody was expecting anything from me, I stumped everyone by doing exceptionally well. I stood first and secured a seat in Miranda House where I was exposed to the elitist crowd of Delhi University.’

However, being exposed to this elite crowd, she felt overwhelmed. But as it turned out, this crowd and new exposure, along with her long journey in the corporate sector helped her shape into the person she is today. 

Talking about her first job in PR, she mentions, ‘I was a drifter back in the day and dabbled in various jobs like selling credit cards, working for child relief, and some other places before finding my way into PR. It happened by chance when I stumbled upon an old acquaintance who offered me a job in her PR firm. I took up the opportunity and I have never looked back since.’ It was like even fate wanted her to be a part of this industry where she has now emerged as one of the top names through her sheer hard work and grit.

Burning the midnight oil, she has developed a unique skill set and understanding of the PR industry that has helped her along the journey. She started Clarity Communication with the vision to provide impeccable PR service to all her clients.

I established the company to deliver pertinent media coverage which supports the business objectives of my clients. Clarity PR endeavors to build the brand, customize the messages for each stakeholder, and analyze the feedback to remodel the communication process for each client,’ says Ms. Sowmya.

With Clarity Communication, Ms. Sowmya is bridging the perennial gap in the PR industry on what was promised & what was being delivered to clients.

With more than 20 years of PR experience, Ms. Sowmya has contributed lucratively to her wide range of clientele in an environment that thrives on stiff competition. Her relentless pursuit of excellence in producing work has successfully resulted in maintaining long-term relationships with the clients.

While she wants to disrupt the current practices of the less than fair PR industry, she also plans to expand to Mumbai and eventually cover the entire country. But as sweet as the results of her efforts look like, her journey hasn’t been all peachy.

She had no support from her family or friends and found herself in alien territory. But she knew one thing, that she wanted to be a PR-entrepreneur, and there was no stopping her. 

Upon reflecting on her experience, she shares, ‘I think entrepreneurship is a long process but by keeping her focus on my vision, I have been able to overcome challenges. I want to be a beacon of hope to all the women out there who aspire big and fear to take a step into this big bad world of business.’

While she is on her mission to give the world of PR a much-needed makeover, she is also acting as that beacon for women to free themselves from shackles of judgment and doubt. Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world,’ and she is doing exactly that by continuously working towards her goals.

You can reach out to her on Linkedin to discuss the miracles she can do for you and your business using the power of PR.

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