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Swapnil Vichare – The Journey from an Advertising Expert to a Confectioner




Chocolates are one of the biggest packed dessert commodities sold throughout the world. However, a real chocolate lover understands that nothing beats hand-made chocolate from their favorite confectioneries. Making chocolate is a difficult task but making it perfect is nearly impossible. This is especially tough for a person who has no experience or knowledge about chocolate and instead is from an advertising background. However, Swapnil Vichare who used to be an advertising professional back in the day is not only making chocolates but has grown into a professional chocolatier over time.

Swapnil coincidentally started his start-up Browns And More back in 2015. Browns And More was initially founded to cater to the requirement of corporate gifting necessities. He wanted to create a platform for branding and merchandising requirements. So they decided to sell finely crafted chocolates with a unique twist in packaging methods. This unique idea of creating a response-oriented gifting service has become extremely popular among the MNC’s and local companies alike.

The journey from and being an advertising expert4 to becoming the go-to confectioner for unique gifting items has been surprising, to say the least. As Swapnil was an advertising expert, several clients came to him to design chocolate boxes. His partner was coincidentally learning to make chocolates at the time and gave a batch to someone. Somehow those chocolates reached a brand that approached Swapnil for more products. The numbers kept increasing, and now this start-up has grown and has more than 120 brands working with them.

Without a business background, it was challenging for Swapnil to create this start-up from scratch. Also, he was inexperienced at marketing himself to a new landscape, which led to several obstacles and roadblocks. However, experimenting, learning, and adapting for five years helped him to understand how to make this work.

The biggest challenge that he faced during this new phase of life is managing finances. As it happens with most start-ups, there was financial instability, which made things even harder. Many people quit before their efforts bear any fruits. It can get discouraging to know that they might not get a paycheck for six months. However, he believed in himself and his idea. He had a clear goal in his mind, which helped him sail through uncharted waters.

However, Browns And More has grown since then and even came up with a unique product Melo Stone. It was a new recipe that they had created. It is a cross-section between fudge and chocolate which is a bold yet interesting concept that is sure to capture some hearts at least. Swapnil believes that any company’s success largely depends on the team and the motivation behind the company. He tries to maintain a creative environment while focusing on new innovative ideas for their product.

Creative, attractive, innovative, delicious, and budget-friendly are few key points that the company tries to incorporate with every project. They have partnered with multiple channel partners to become a one-stop solution provider for all of the clients’ needs. Swapnil believes it is essential to develop different products to solve the problems you might be facing.

The more you create, the more experience you gain, and the better you can become at handling other mechanics of the business. The company’s primary aim is to come up with more unique and creative solutions for its clients and enrich their lives in the process.

Swapnil has come a long way from developing some mouth-watering and delicious chocolate recipes that are very likely to become big names in the market in the coming years. If you wish to try some of these special chocolates or Melo Stone, you can visit his website to know more.

Prajakta Kshirsagar is a Sr. Editor at The Entrepreneur Tab. She is also the Founder of Social Coverage Media, a 360 Digital Marketing Agency. She has spent around half of her career working with brands and businesses which were dominantly using classical mainline digital advertising and thinking.

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