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Mohanlal’s Fitness Trainer Aynus Antony Emphasize on Home Workout During Covid 19



Aynus Antony

As the entire world struggles with the pandemic, it dawned upon us that many of us lack physical fitness. Had we concentrated on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overall condition, many of us would have avoided what COVID-19 has in store for us. This has made fitness professionals come forward and share the importance of fitness.

Aynus Antony is a celebrity fitness trainer associated with big names like Mohanlal, who shares a similar opinion. He is of the view that physical fitness can be a driving force in anyone’s life-supporting mental, physical, professional, and general health. Here is an excerpt from our conversation with him where he shares the motivation behind his journey and his views about the importance of physical fitness.

In recent years, you have made quite a name for yourself in the fitness world. What pushed you towards this unorthodox career path?

To be very honest, I never knew I would end up in the fitness industry. I pursued a regular bachelor’s degree and was skinny my entire childhood and teenage years. This is the reason why I was often bullied and pranked upon by other kids. Things were difficult, and I suffered from low self-esteem and was discouraged.

But one day, I had enough and decided to leap of faith. While I was about to finish my bachelor’s degree, I decided to take a Level 3 Certification in personal training and later on ACSM (American college of sports medicine), dedicating every ounce of me to it. And once I set this plan in motion, there was no looking back.

You are associated with a South Indian Superstar Mohanlal and other popular names. How did you get to this position, and how does it feel working with such big names?

At the beginning of my career, I worked with a 5-star hotel as a fitness trainer in Kerala for around three years. This allowed me to work with the elite class of celebrities and entrepreneurs and build a network that later came in very handy.

Before I knew it, I was catering to a special class of clientele. One of those people introduced me to the king of the South Indian movie industry, Mr. Mohanlal. This boosted my career, and I became popular amongst the celebrities of the South Indian movie industry.

And yes, it feels great working with such big names. It makes me feel that I have come a long way from someone who other kids always picked on. I wanted to become a force to be reckoned with, which is exactly what I have become.

Why do you think physical fitness is so important?

The problem with today’s generation is their overall lifestyle. We live in a fast-food culture and are accustomed to living a life that operates at our fingertips. This has led us to ignore the most crucial aspect of our lives, physical fitness.

We have forgotten that fitness gives you the foundation to be successful in all aspects of your life. By focusing on fitness, one can bring dramatic change to the overall quality of life. I understand that everyone is fighting their own battles no matter which battleground. But only if they are physically fit, their struggle will become a lot easier. Fitness is not only physically fit but also being mentally fit.

Do you think being physically fit will help our audience fight with COVID-19?

Actually, yes. It is my belief and all medical practitioners that being physically fit is more important today than it has ever been. Being fit means having strong overall immunity and an extra-protective layer against this deadly virus.

Various studies have also shown that people with strong fitness are more immune and can withstand the virus better than others. Also, there are so many additional impacts that the lockdown has brought to our lifestyles. We are stuck to the confines of our house, where we barely move. This is the perfect recipe for disaster.

So, I urge everyone to take out sufficient time to make the workout a part of their routines. This will help you have a better overall life and improve your chances of making it out of this pandemic without any serious repercussions.

What are the home workouts to enhance strength for a beginner?

Fitness doesn’t need a high-end membership of a fitness club. It only requires your willpower to spend a minimum of 40 mins for full-body workouts such as bodyweight squats, Push-up /wall push-up, climbing stairs, walking lunges, standing leg raise, plank, and Jumping jacks. These are few workouts that everyone can do irrespective of the age group.

Following these exercises with some stretches like child pose, cobra pose, the cat-cow pose can help relax your muscles and create more flexibility.

Aynus is very passionate about his work and dedicates his time and efforts to helping his clients build a better life. You can connect with him on Instagram (@ pt_alfred) for some personal tips or workout regime.

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