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DDP Property Founder Zaki Ameer Under Fire for Alleged Client Refund Failures



Real estate entrepreneur & Influencer Zaki Ameer is suddenly the centre of attention, with former employees and upset consumers accusing him of not paying upfront fees. The formerly well-known person, who made headlines for his quick acquisition of 15 houses in just three years and for founding Dream Design Property (DDP), is currently dealing with criticism over claims of broken promises and irregularities in finances.

The $14,900 in upfront fees that investors paid to DDP with the assumption that they would receive a refund for the majority of those funds if they were unable to obtain financing for investment properties are the source of the controversy. However, a number of consumers who had their loan applications denied assert that they have been trying unsuccessfully to get Ameer to return their money for months.

Zaki Ameer ‘s problems worsened in August of last year when the majority of his Sydney office workers quit, expressing dissatisfaction with his luxury lifestyle in contrast to the complaints of clients demanding refunds. According to former DDP sales manager Brendan James, Ameer was given a warning by the team that if he didn’t give in to their demands for client refunds and unpaid employee invoices, they would quit. As a result, the office was almost empty the following day.

Lot of Ameer’s Sydney office staff departed in August of last year, citing displeasure with his lavish lifestyle in contrast to consumer complaints requesting refunds, which made his difficulties worse. The team threatened to quit Ameer if he didn’t comply with their demands for unpaid employee invoices and client refunds, according to former DDP sales manager Brendan James. The office was nearly empty the following day as a result.

While blaming stricter lending laws for his clients’ inability to get loans, Ameer seems to give preference to his repaid clients over others who are still waiting for their money back. Ameer is said to have contacted a number of impacted customers via email since the probe started, offering reimbursement in exchange for quiet and the removal of unfavourable internet reviews.

Investors and industry observers are closely monitoring any developments as the situation involving Dream Design Property and Zaki Ameer continues to unfold. Concerns about financial transparency, client confidence, and accountability are particularly pressing.

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