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Suraj Punjabi helps Students build a Successful Career with Edviseme



Suraj Punjabi

Education is the most crucial part of any person’s life as it acts as a foundation stone for a bright future. But deciding upon the field of education you want to make your career in, can be the most challenging task. There are so many options that a person can explore, such as Arts, Commerce, Science, among others.

These limitless opportunities are both a good and a bad thing. You have to be sure of the field you want to make your career in as your life depends upon it. But it doesn’t end at that. After selecting the stream, you have to decide on coaching classes, colleges, majors, and so on. 

Suraj Punjabi understands the problem faced by every student and wants to provide a one-stop solution for them. While pursuing his post-graduation, he faced this exact challenge. Suraj found it extremely challenging to find a highly rated coaching class or institute. He realized no platform was available that could help students like him find coaching institutes according to their preferences. 

This challenge of so many scattered options in terms of coachings classes and tuition centers pushing him towards starting Edviseme to help students like him. He started his Edviseme in Mumbai, intending to facilitate students toward a successful future. 

Edviseme is an Ed-tech startup that connects students to the best coaching institutes depending on their chosen streams in their vicinity. It is an education aggregating platform that allows you to find an institute depending on your requirements facilitating easy access.

Edviseme is India’s largest institute aggregator that provides students with the data of different coaching centers, training institutes, and tuition classes helping them choose most comfortably. 

It is a multi-purpose platform where you can find the best institutes and enroll through an easy admission process. Edviseme also understands the growing demands and interests of students studying abroad, especially in countries like the USA, UK, and Australia, and has a special department to help those students.

Suraj Punjabi is a young entrepreneur who has immense experience in managing different businesses. He has been working since he was 16 years old in various markets such as garments, retail, and import and export. Suraj has a Master’s degree in Media and Communication and is a trained PR professional. Suraj is a complete believer in empowering students. He wants them to be the best they can and stick to their commitments.

Leaving your cushioned corporate job to start something from the scratch is not easy. Being an entrepreneur means having a dream and enduring every challenge that comes your way. In the beginning, Edivseme also faced several challenges. Building a portal where students could connect to different institutes effortlessly was the toughest task. 

It took around 9 months of research, development, and planning before the platform was launched. Suraj wanted to get into the market fully prepared. Edviseme is the result of Suraj’s vision and the hard work that he put into making this vision a reality. 

Edviseme plans to list over 1500 prime non-education classes in the coming future. They are currently operational in Mumbai and plan to expand to Pune and Surat as well. Edviseme’s main aim is to reach out to all metro cities across India, start listing Tier 1 and 2 cities, and over 1 lac tutors and classes registered on their platform.

While India has a plethora of opportunities available for its young students, the toughest task of all is to find the right match for you. Suraj is tirelessly working towards making this process as easy as possible for the coming generations. He wants to reach every single student possible and help them make a well-informed and most suitable choice supporting them in careers.

As Suraj continues on his mission to provide the best education partner for students, you can connect with him across various social media channels. You can also visit Edviseme and connect with him on LinkedIn to know more about him and his ideas.

Prajakta Kshirsagar is a Sr. Editor at The Entrepreneur Tab. She is also the Founder of Social Coverage Media, a 360 Digital Marketing Agency. She has spent around half of her career working with brands and businesses which were dominantly using classical mainline digital advertising and thinking.

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