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Adam Meskouri Secrets On What Social Media Can Do For Aspiring Entrepreneurs



Adam Meskouri

Adam Meskouri is not your typical digital marketing specialist, he has a large following of his own. With over 2M combined followers on social platforms, Adam knows what it takes to grow your social following and what that means for business.

Formerly a speaker and debater, Adam is now working to become a teenage online entrepreneur. He has always valued the ability to connect with others and says that social media gives him another way to do so. He owns a technology-related Instagram account @Gadgetings and has also co-founded a news organization called Genfluencer, with his best friend Marko Danial.

While many people think that the clout that comes with a significant following on social media is a big advantage; Adam believes that entrepreneurs should be concerned about gaining more credibility as this opens up an enormous amount of opportunities.

Adam helps aspiring influencers grow their online presence through the press, also running paid promotional posts on his Instagram network. Adam has organized and ran campaigns for major brands such as TikTok and Bodyarmor. Here, he breaks down the strategies for growing your business on socials.

Monetizing your social platforms
Although this is not a new concept, many entrepreneurs still do not understand how to generate revenue through social platforms. Here are a few things you can try:

Create a Facebook shop and sell right through social
Social media platforms such as FB and IG are integrating all sorts of shopping options for brands and consumers. For entrepreneurs, this means more sales avenues for their products and services.


Become an affiliate
Affiliate marketing allows entrepreneurial-minded folks to acquire advertising content for various brands to market their audiences. Being a master of a specific niche means that you can efficiently run affiliate programs for other brands.

Unveil new products and services
Social media channels provide every entrepreneur with a larger platform to reach their prospective buyers. Besides, these platforms can help you generate sales from your audience.

Building credibility
Social platforms are great for connecting and developing trust with your audience. While it can be tempting to focus on extending reach, optimizing posts, and igniting social conversations, social media platforms should be used to foster thriving relationships with the audience.

Adam loves to connect with others, and this passion has enabled him to reach thousands of online communities. He notes that social media gives him the outlet to express himself and his opinions. Perhaps this could be the reason he is able to grow his network so organically.

A good reminder that when it comes to social media, to go back to the basics. Connecting.


Sr. Editor of The Entrepreneur Tab. Prakash Sundaram is an Indian Digital Entrepreneur, businessman, activist, and philanthropist. He is also a Co-Founder of Noise Communications.

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