Xtraview offers students a better way to express themselves



Xtraview is a unique platform where students can record and share their unscripted digital interviews with written applications to provide a more impactful first impression. This service can be used by freshers and seniors alike when looking for college admissions or job interviews.

The idea behind Xtraview came when Katherine Ernst Mehta and Kavitta B Bedi, the founders, realized a lack of a good platform for the students to demonstrate their strengths.

According to Katherine, “In 2020, my co-founder Kavitta, an entrepreneur in the children’s space whose daughter underwent the college admissions process in 2019, and I, an education advisor, realized that there must be a better way for students to demonstrate who they truly were beyond school marks, test scores, college essays, and application forms.”

The company was started with an idea to provide students with a solution to the challenges they face when applying for admissions. The written application can only state their educational accomplishments and lacks the potential to present the students more practically. During the admission process, examiners usually want students with impressive personalities that they cannot determine through just an application.

Xtraview provides a solution to these problems by creating a digital platform where students can record digital interviews alongside written applications when applying for colleges or jobs. Apart from this, the company also offers Xtraprep workshops that help high school and college students prepare for their interviews and interactions. During these workshops, students are taught 15 key points for application interviews and added five points for job interviews. They also go through a live, recorded interview before receiving feedback from experts.

Katherine and Kavitta started Xtraview during the pandemic, which initially caused a lot of problems for them. Starting a new venture always comes with several issues, but the pandemic made things additional challenging. They did not know what to expect and how the market would respond to this unique idea.

However, they have received an amazing response partly because their ventures addressed the biggest problem risen in the pandemic. As offline communications were limited to promote safety and social distancing, there was a need for an efficient platform for communicating digitally.

The Indian market was not as welcoming because of a lack of awareness of the concept. A large part of the initial efforts was devoted to educating people about the product and its importance. The company tried to educate students and their parents about the importance of communication and presentation in interviews. Xtraview also struggled with getting institutes on board majorly because they take a long time for making recent changes in their work.

However, all of these challenges have helped Katherine and Kavitta develop patience and helped them better manage their goals. With their efforts, they have taken aboard several institutes that rely on them to make the admission process more fair and open.

Xtraview has several new projects in the works, including new institutional partnerships. They work hard to modify their services better to fit the targeted market and student’s needs. Being the only company providing such service in India, Xtraview has the upper hand in the industry.

It is exciting to see such start-ups working on helping students achieve their dream and for the betterment of the country. We are very excited to see what Xtraview will offer in the coming months. For updates and to know more about the services of Xtraview, you can visit their official website


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