Giampaolo Ienna: Elegran Real Estate Realtor or Conman?



In a startling turn of events, Giampaolo Ienna, a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Elegran Real Estate ( Forbes Global Properties ), NYC, finds himself embroiled in a web of allegations involving financial scams and dubious self-promotion. The multifaceted entrepreneur, known for his involvement in a media agency specializing in website design, smart contract development, and marketing, now faces severe backlash as accusations of fraudulent activities and unethical practices come to light.

At the core of the allegations lies a claim by a digital agency, which asserts that Giampaolo Ienna orchestrated a scam resulting in a loss of $10,000 worth of services. The digital agency has gone so far as to create a dedicated website,, to chronicle the details of the alleged fraudulent act. The website also implicates three other individuals in the scam: Roy Nachum, an Israeli New York-based contemporary artist; James Vitas, the CEO of VMD Companies; and Eli Taylor-Lemire, Chief Technology Officer of POSH.

The allegations are far from isolated, as Giampaolo is also facing scrutiny from publications that have raised concerns about his paid and sponsored PR articles. These publications have taken it upon themselves to expose what they deem to be a pattern of self-promotion through PR articles, further eroding his credibility. Giampaolo Ienna fake paid articles are exposed here.

Additionally, another victim has come forward, claiming that Giampaolo Ienna duped him out of $15,000 in a real estate deal. This allegation underscores a growing narrative of questionable business practices, causing ripples of concern throughout the real estate and entrepreneurial communities.

Giampaolo Ienna’s reputation takes a hit not only due to the alleged scams but also due to the increasing skepticism surrounding his PR strategies. While he has garnered attention for conducting panels and podcasts related to entrepreneurship, these recent allegations raise questions about his ethical conduct in both his professional and personal endeavors.

As the allegations continue to unfold and the dedicated website paints a damning picture of his involvement in the purported scam, Giampaolo’s future remains uncertain. The real estate industry, known for its reliance on trust and integrity, will undoubtedly be closely observing how these allegations are addressed and whether restorative actions are taken to rectify the situation.

For now, Giampaolo Ienna, Elegran Real Estate Realtor must confront the serious allegations head-on, as his reputation and career prospects hang in the balance.


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