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The success of any brand highly depends on its image among its consumers. In this world of social media and digital everything, it is essential to send the right message across. It is because, at any given time, millions of people are listening to you. A brand’s image is often more crucial than the brand itself as a potential audience interacts with its image before the brand. Vivek Nathwani understands the importance of amplifying a brand’s image on the road to success.

Vivek is an expert in digital marketing who helps, motivates, and inspires businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies. He embodies the soul of digital marketing and incorporates every strategy available to enhance a brand’s image. Vivek’s interest in new-technological trends helps him solve business problems, generate leads, and amplify the brand’s digital identity in real-time.

Vivek has worked in various sectors in his life to understand the workings behind a company. This understanding of businesses has helped him in founding Social Amplifiers. It is a digital marketing agency with the sole purpose of helping small and big brands grow alike. Their honest and best strategic planning has helped them surpass the client’s expectations while producing outstanding results.

Social Amplifiers is a group of young creative people brought together by their love and passion for everything digital. They come up with exceptional insights and ideas to amplify a brand’s image in this competitive digital market. Vivek shares his birthday with his company Social Amplifiers that resonates with his passion for the start-up.

Started in 2019, Social Amplifiers started acquiring clients as this was the first logical step in their journey. Vivek started this company with his saving of four years, which made it even more challenging when the world went on lockdown. Before the pandemic hit the world, the company had just started acquiring new clients. As the pandemic hit all businesses, Vivek didn’t escape unscathed either.

With limited resources, Social Amplifiers did their best to adapt to the new scenario and tried to best service possible to their clients. Also, as everyone was affected by the pandemic, their clients could not pay the company’s fees until the unlock phase began. Being a professional and considerate human being, Vivek ensured that every employee was paid in full even if there was no income. The only thing that kept him going was the outstanding work they did for their clients to amplify their digital presence.

However, they have come out stronger than ever, as surviving the pandemic as a four-month-old company is a no less feat. Vivek realizes that his journey with Social Amplifiers is just beginning, but he is all ready to face whatever challenges that life might throw at him.

He has also started helping small businesses like them who were severely impacted by the pandemic and even offered their services for six enterprises for free. As challenging as it might have been to work for free, they were rewarded fairly. All of those companies ended up becoming their clients after a month. Today, Social Amplifiers has extended its wings to other states in India and is currently offering services to four different states and seven cities. They are moving ahead with a new belief, hope, and positivity and are ready to face life head-first.

Vivek plans to make Social Amplifiers one of India’s top five digital marketing agencies in the next five years. He believes by working a little bit harder than the previous day, they will soon achieve this dream, and we cannot agree more.

Vivek is a dynamic person who loves progressing further and brings along as many people as he can. He wants to help others grow and grow along the way. If there is one lesson to take from his life, it is of perseverance at the time when things get challenging. That exact moment is when you need to hold onto your dream and vision for the finish line is never further away.

To know more about Vivek, you can connect with him on Linkedin.


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