Suvidha Shekhar: A Home Tutor to the Founder of Willez



In an industry that was once overwhelmed with patriarchy, women are rising to great heights. They are proving that once they take up this field of education as a career, they can excel beyond expectations.

Suvidha Shekar is an Educationist, who started her journey by giving home tuitions, has now founded Williez, a chain of educational institutions. Successfully nurturing and running seven preschools. Fuelled by the vision of shaping young minds by creating an environment to grow and flourish, while imparting high-value education, she has already established her name as a visionary Educationist.

As a result of her willpower and hard work, she has been awarded the ‘Young Entrepreneur Award’ and ‘Best Educationist Award’ for her contributions to the field of education.

Suvidha started her tryst with education by providing tuitions to kids in her free time just after completing her standard 10. However, little did she know, that she was destined for the beyond, destined to leave a mark as an educator. From teaching a bunch of kids to earn her pocket money to a chain of institutions that already includes seven preschools and a CBSE school in her ranks, she is only soaring higher and forward and committing herself to her vision of providing high-value education and blessing many more minds with the gift of a complete education.

While her life sounds like a fairytale, it was far from it. Completing her primary education in Tamil, adjusting to a field dominated by English wasn’t easy. It was a struggle, but she didn’t give up. She wanted to do something substantial and make a difference. This was her motivation, and she never gave up. Instead, she kept working hard, one step at a time. After what seems to be a whole lifetime, this 28 years old woman is already an inspiration for many.

What started as a home school without any investment, today, Williez is one of the most popular preschool chains in Mumbai. Suvidha believes that the best way to impart education and boost overall growth is through playful activities. In this new age of gadgets, where preschools are primarily focusing on making the kids technologically advanced, Suvidha’s school concentrates on building a strong foundation. With all her preschools operating in accordance with her principles is what makes them unique.

Being a first-generation entrepreneur, she didn’t have the funds or guidance. There was a time when she sustained her school for three years out of her own pockets. But giving up was never an option for this ingenious educator. All she had was a vision and a strong sense of self-belief that she was made for something bigger. And, here she is, Founder and Owner of Williez, setting a path and an inspiration for future generations to come.

I remember an African proverb,’ If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.’ Suvidha is a living and a highly commendable example of a woman who understands the value of education and believes in the reformative power of education.

To know more about Welliez or Suvidha Shekar, follow them on Instagram or through their website.


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