Sunny Wadhwani: Helping build a Safer Cyber World



The internet has opened new horizons for people helping many to build a fortune. From groceries to insurance, there is hardly any domain that has been left untouched by this wave.

The internet has also brought about new threats along with these opportunities. It has provided notorious individuals with the possibility of stealing and hacking. There are newspapers filled with news of cybercrimes. As cybercrimes are increasing by the day, so is the need to create awareness among the masses. Mr. Sunny Wadhwani, a cybersecurity expert from Indore, India, is leading the charge towards educating people about these risks involved with browsing the internet. 

Always fascinated with computers, Sunny started experimenting with computers at the age of 14 and has now set up a leading example in the Cyber and Digital world.

He has been conducting several digital marketing and cyber awareness campaigns, trying to educate people about how to protect their hard-earned money and their privacy. He has been actively organizing online webinars in an effort to spread awareness. For his talent and expertise, he has been awarded the ‘Applauded Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Award’. It is not surprising that he has experience of over 1000 consultations under his belt, making him a popular name in the world of cybersecurity.

Sunny has been associated with Brand Indori Artist, Indore, Gujrati College, Indore, Acropolis Institute, Jaora Nagri, and Talklance through various social media platforms to spread the word about the threats that everyone faces. He talks at length about the different techniques hackers use to hack social media and email accounts to gain access to financial details making people lose their life savings in just one click.

Sunny Wadhwani, besides being an expert in cybersecurity, is also passionate about the digital marketing world. He started his own company, Wadhwani Enterprises, with an investment of less than $1000. Through his sheer hard work, his company now generates over $10000 in revenue every year and has acquired over 500 clients in less than four years.

His company, Wadhwani Enterprises, works hard to provide a low-cost solution for different media channels. While working with the Star network, he successfully delivered a 20% more engagement rate while reducing the cost by 33%.

Sunny has several small scale clients and has helped recover more than 100 social media channels of local businesses. He has become a motivation for several people who are trying to gain success as entrepreneurs. 

While Sunny was an average student academically, he never let anything stop him from reaching the pinnacles of success. He believes that hard work is of paramount importance and has built his intellectual empire, starting from scratch. He has proven, time and time again, that nothing beats persistence and efforts when you want to climb the stairs of success.

Beyond his campaign against cyber threats, Sunny also holds a few world records. He is recognized for his speed in typing alphabets from A to Z without space in a matter of 1.801 seconds. He also holds a World Record for ‘Fastest English Pangram Typing’. He has managed to type ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ in only 3 seconds.

Besides these accomplishments, Sunny was also awarded “Applauded Youngest Digital Entrepreneur, Indore” in Super 30 of Central India’s First Digital marketing conclave “DIGICON” – Powered By Google Digital Unlocked and organized by Roaring Wolf Media and Mp09 Digital. Accomplishing so much at such a young age, coming from a modest background, Sunny Wadhwani has become a true inspiration for every budding entrepreneur in the digital marketing or cyber threat industry.

Finding his love for computers at an early age, today, he has come a long way to become one of the leading cybersecurity experts of India. He is on a constant mission of saving people and their fortunes from the hands of hackers and thieves who are constantly looking for an opportunity to steal from you. Not only this, but he has also established himself as a leading authority in the field of digital marketing.

With his ‘go-getter’ spirit, Sunny decided to make the best of his curious mind and used it right to climb the ladder of success. And, he constantly inspires young minds to dream big, set realistic expectations, work hard, and stay dedicated. 

To know more about him, you can visit his website here.


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