Sumit Kumar Mishra: Foodie from Birth and Digital Marketer by Profession



Sumit Kumar Mishra (known as skmfcb in the digital world) the Digital Entrepreneur who is helping all his clients to grow their online presence, and is accomplishing tremendous heights at such a young age. He is a Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur and is also an E-commerce Entrepreneur. Sumit started providing social media services from the age of 17 like Social Media management, Website development, SEO, YouTube Promotions, E-commerce, Celebrity Management, PR, and many others.

He commenced his Digital Marketing enterprise named PRSN Media in Mid-2020 and supplied all digital advertising services. His work and efforts were appreciated and at that point, he was also featured on various platforms. Sumit Kumar Mishra is also a prominent blogger and owns multiple blogs like True Gadgets, Trend Flavors, Trends Column, etc.

He also owns an E-commerce platform and knows how to help others to grow. He has worked with more than 200+ clients which include artists, YouTubers, musicians, dancers, tiktokers, etc. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Sumit Kumar Mishra, he was requested to share his learning for the youth to which he replied- “Always opt for multiple options that you can open up for yourself”. He also said that “Artists spends a lot of money recording their song or video and then uploading on different platforms, if they will spend around 10-15% of the amount in promotion, they will grow very fast and that will all be an organic growth”.

Sumit is a born technological youngest digital entrepreneur who always has the charge of marketing flowing within. As time passed and his passion for marketing goes from static to dynamic mode, he knew it’s time to kick-off. He is single-headedly managing his chore with full commitment. Being one of the most trusted and leading service provider in Digital Marketing he has substantiated to be the best digital marketer by some renowned artists.

Sumit also has a deep love for traveling and is a known tech blogger and foodie. He wants to travel and explore the world someday and learn from those unique experiences.

His own personal Instagram account @skmfcb also has thousands of followers where his followers frequently ask him marketing-related questions and he is happy to help them out.


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