A Digital Marketing Solution for Hospitality with Sayali Patil’s YOTRIPP



The success of any business in this modern world depends highly on the efficiency of its digital marketing strategy. Internet and social media have made marketing a lot easier and efficient, but you still need an expert to ensure your marketing strategies reach the right people.

Established brands already have a loyal customer base, but you might need an expert if you are a new business or are in a competitive industry. Sayali Bedekar Patil brings a complete solution for any digital marketing needs of hotels, resorts, and other hospitality properties through her company YOTRIPP.

YOTRIPP is a company that offers both B2B and B2C services for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality services all over the globe. The company also works with the tourism board of the destinations to help them market their service efficiently. Apart from that, YOTRIPP also provides travelers a unique traveling experience by providing them personalized travel itineraries. By understanding their travel inspiration, the company provides tailor-made itineraries to suit the traveler’s taste.

Sayali has had her life centered around finance and economics and was unfamiliar with the digital marketing space. She even completed her MBA believing she would end up in a nine to five job working at a big conglomerate. However, she soon realized that the office space was not the right fit for her and soon quit her job to travel with her husband. She spent the better part of a decade honing her digital marketing and copywriting skills with proper certification.

While living life like a digital nomad, she acquired seven clients and worked from home, wherever it might be. She finally got a taste of a life she wanted for herself and decided to never go back to working a full-time job. During this period, she worked on her niche in the travel and hospitality industry while picking up necessary skills and clients.

During these five years, where she perfected her crafts, she planned to start a business independently, but it was never the right time until the last year. When the pandemic struck the whole world, the travel and hospitality industry was one of the most affected industries. Sayali decided to lend a helping hand in supporting the industry by registering her company YOTRIPP.

After combing through several hiccups she had along the way, Sayali finally was able to acquire some clients and is ready to launch next month. She is ecstatic about this new venture and plans to work while living her life, one adventure at a time.

YOTRIPP is an amazing opportunity for all scale hotels and boutique properties to market their brand on their terms. As a small-scale business, it is futile to try and compete with large MNCs. However, by creating unique and personalized marketing plans, Sayali also makes sure that her clients can reap benefits by partnering with her. Currently, YOTRIPP is working in the Asia Pacific and South Africa region. But, they plan to expand globally during their journey. Exciting ideas such as an eCommerce store for all things traveling is also in the pipeline in the future.

Sayali wants to change the digital marketing landscape for smaller hotels and resorts by creating unique marketing campaigns they deserve. She wants to make the Indian hotels and resorts industry self-independent by providing transparent and affordable marketing strategies. Rising from the several challenges she faced during her entrepreneurial journey was not easy, but now she is all ready to revolutionize the digital marketing space.

Coming from an entirely different background, Sayali has come a long way. She is on a mission to revolutionize the entire fundamentals on which this industry is based. If you are a travel enthusiast or a hospitality business owner, you must keep an eye out for her.

If you desire to have an experience of a lifetime and don’t know where to look, you must connect with her through her official website.


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