Omar Paul and James Martin helping Consumers discover the Latest Deals



Every consumer looks for cost-saving deals, especially in these challenging times, where the global economy is still struggling. However, consumers tend to miss out on thousands of offers because it is too complicated to track these offers. Also, most of the time, consumers are unaware of such offers as there is no effective way to know about them. James Martin and Omar Paul are trying to bridge this gap with their new app MyTab. 

MyTab is a UAE-based app that provides a unique platform for exclusive merchant offers, also listing the current deals from partner banks. This app can automatically filter the most relevant and beneficial discounts to users using customer’s bank cards and geo-location details to present them with the most relevant offers. MyTab is a free ultimate lifestyle app that can bridge the gap between consumers, merchants, and banks enabling all the parties to earn significant gains. 

Omar and James are both based out of Dubai and have worked for decades in the loyalty and rewards space. While working in the industry, they realized there is no practical way to tell the customers about ongoing offers. This gap negatively affects both sides as bank partners’ efforts to provide deals go to waste as consumers cannot take advantage of it. James and Omar’s experience and understanding of the industry helped them realize the idea behind MyTab and market it successfully. 

James came to Dubai in 2009 and started working in rewards and discounts for ‘The Entertainer’. He holds a degree in Hotel Management and Business and has headed various B2B businesses. He has worked in Qatar, Kuwait, and UAE before moving to Singapore to expand the business in the far east countries. James then moved back to Dubai in 2016 to work for a leading global loyalty company AIMIA where he met Omar. James also headed business development for ‘DSquares’, which is a customer loyalty and retention business solution. 

Omar also holds a strong Customer Experience background with expertise in technical enablement. He has helped several blue-chip companies all over the world become customer-centric. Omar is originally from the UK, where he worked for several Tier-1 CRM solutions such as Oracle and Salesforce. In 2013 Omar moved to Dubai to join DMCC as the interim head of their free zone’s digital transformation program. After meeting with James at AIMIA in 2016, Omar transitioned to Al Tayer as their customer experience head. 

Both Omar and James have considerable Customer Experience Management experience accumulated by working in the loyalty and rewards industry for years. This experience helped them realize the necessity for a platform to bridge the gap between the Merchant and Bank offers, and the customers. 

Majority of the banks have a dedicated team to create discount offers, which tempts them to make transactions using their cards. MyTab simplifies the process by providing the customers best deals based on their history. James said,” Consumers might be carrying a great deal in their pocket without realizing it. For example, HSBC bank cardholders might be eligible for a 30% discount at their favorite restaurant but are unaware or haven’t searched amongst numerous apps, webpages, or booklets. Therefore, the enormous effort in compiling and offering amazing deals for customers is lost, and no one benefits- not the bank, not the merchant, and least of all the customer.” 

As MyTab is a new concept that requires the collaboration of different platforms, it was challenging to bring them together. However, due to the pandemic, people prefer to use cashless transactions, making it an ideal time for MyTab to revolutionize the market. In the coming years, MyTab hopes to enlist more banks globally to create a single platform for both consumers and banks to share their offers. MyTab is a unique app that aims to deliver the best possible consumer experience wherever the users go. 

If you are also curious about the deals and offers that your credit and debit cards can get you, you can visit their official website. They have many offers and discounts for almost everyone.


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