Omang Khurana’s WealthOK brings Globally Diversified Wealth Management in India



The world, as we used to know, has changed to a point where it is beyond recognition. The age of the internet has made it comparatively easy for individuals to build wealth, no matter how much. What still remains difficult is the management of wealth that you have earned burning midnight oil throughout your life.

Omang Khurana, a 26-year-old Chartered Wealth Manager, has founded WealthOK, a Wealth Management Company offering personalized and customized Financial Planning solutions to its clients.

The objective of WealthOK is to offer Sustainable NetWorth Appreciation to its clients whether HNI or retail. Alongside this, they also want to bring the culture of Wealth Management to the Indian societies where people still rely on traditional saving schemes failing to utilize the true potential of various financial instruments available in the market.

Omang started his career at the age of 18 and has gained years of experience working with multiple multinational brands over his career. Recognized as the top performer for many companies he has worked with, his career was on the fast lane. During his tenure with the corporates. He has been recognized as the youngest expert and one of the top performers at deVere Group. DeVere Group is Dubai based and the world’s largest financial advisory in off-shore investing.

He has always been academically focused and has several accomplishments in different fields. He is an esteemed member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI) in London, United Kingdom. He has also secured the International Certificate of Wealth and Investment Management (ICWIM) and Wealth and Investment Management – India (WIMI) with a merit score. With this, Omang Khurana also became the first Chartered Wealth Manager of the Central India region.

Additionally, he is a postgraduate from the esteemed University of Sheffield, the United Kingdom in Engineering and Management studies. While at the University of Sheffield, Omang authored his dissertation titled, ‘The role of manufacturing expansion in the sustainable development of India’. He coined the theory of ‘5 Pillars of Sustainability’ for analysis recognized as a merit for its new vision of sustainability over the conventional ‘3 Pillar theory’. His dissertation is currently undergoing an update to suit the financial predictions until FY22.

In his mission to bring wealth management to India, Omang started his own wealth management and financial planning consultancy company, WealthOK. WealthOK is the first company in Central India to offer its clients the diversification power and luxury of a Global Portfolio, including mutual funds and not limited to equities. The main aim of WealthOK is to offer its clients financial security for a lifetime. Anyone wanting to bulletproof their financial structure and make it sustainable for a long period can benefit from WealthOK.

Omang wanted to provide a solution for the ongoing broker/agent situation that benefits the broker more than the client. Brokers usually pitch products that earn them high commissions irrespective of the client’s requirements. WealthOK is the only Indian company that offers financial planning advice across Indian as well as international investments, across all asset classes, including insurance protection. Omang, with his company WealthOK, wanted to create the best solution for an individual’s financial health to secure their future.

However, when you can see a long tenure ahead of you in the corporate, it is not easy to let go of it and start something from scratch. However, Omang never let this sense of security deprive him of his dreams.

Also, it was not easy for WealthOK to find its roots in the financial market, especially because of the ongoing pandemic. The financial market stability depends on the face to face meetings for client interviews, which was not possible. Another challenge the company faced was countering the myth that only high risk can offer high returns. But, no matter the roadblocks, WealthOK has now procured a market outperforming results with lower risk investments than direct equities. 

After coming so far and finally having a standing in the market, Omang is hopeful for the future. He wants to impact as many lives as possible using his knowledge and experience. He wants to cover all Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in the coming five years. He believes that wealth management is only available to High Net Worth individuals at the moment, and this is what he aims at changing.

In case you have a small fortune of your own but don’t know how to make the most of it, you can contact Omang, and let him guide you with how’s and what’s of it. You can browse his official website and reach out to him on LinkedIn.


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