Nishma Singhal, from a Pet Lover to a Pet-Entrepreneur



According to business data, the global pet grooming products market was valued at 489.6 million dollars back in 2018. This market expanded at a constant CAGR of 5.7% increasing its value to 7.6 Billion dollars for only shampoo and conditioner products. Growing awareness among pet owners about their pets’ hygiene and health largely influence this growth. The Indian pet grooming market was expected to grow to INR 91 crores’ market value by the end of 2020, and the expected CAGR is more than 30%.

With the growing awareness about pet’s grooming needs, there is a need for a professional products manufacturing company that Zoviane is fulfilling. Zoviane Pets is a pet wellness brand focusing on providing pet wellness products of international quality at affordable prices. This brand currently offers 14 different SKUs in different weight variants, including shampoos, conditioners, 100% natural healing balm, water-based perfumes for dogs and cats.

While looking for some products for her niece’s pet, Nishma Singhal realized the vacuum in the pet care industry. This was when she decided to start this company to provide international quality products at affordable prices in the Indian market, filling the vacuum. She realized that currently, no brand offers natural ingredient products, and all the existing products were of bad quality. Once she decided that she was going to do what it takes to revolutionize this industry, Nishma used her educational background to kickstart this venture from the ground.

After completing her B.Tech in Cosmetics from Mumbai, she did her master’s in cosmetics and perfumery. Nishma also completed EFCM (European Fragrance and Cosmetics Masters) from the University of Versailles- ISIPCA, Paris, France. She also has a Masters in Business Management from the University of Padova. 

Nishma has worked for various esteemed companies such as BASF, Germany, Lakme Lever Delhi, and Ayur International Delhi. She also recently took part in the TIE Women Pitch Competition and was among the top 4 businesses pitched in the competition. Her remarkable educational background helped her research the pet grooming market to develop first-class products while successfully managing the company.

Nishma belongs to a service family but always had a knack for business and wanted to experience it first hand. She joined her husband’s textile business but soon realized that the textile industry wasn’t the right fit for her.

After understanding the ins and outs of a business, she decided to pursue her passion for cosmetics and start a unique brand of her own. 

She researched a few men’s products but had to take a break for 2 years for personal reasons. During this time, she lost the edge in the competitive market but did not let it be her company’s end. She decided to launch approx 52 products in different categories like men, females, pets, kids, and home care. This launch helped her realize that pets products were most loved and had a huge growth opportunity in India.

The major challenge Nishma faced in her journey was educating pet parents about the importance of specialized pet products such as pet shampoo. People generally used the same products for their pets to use themselves without understanding its composition and the potential harmful effects. 

Now, she has come a long way and wants to grow her business further. The next goal for Zoviane Pets is to launch more grooming products, accessories, food range, and then become a complete pet wellness brand. In the next 5 years, Nishma is very hopeful of the future and plans to open chains of her brand PAN-India. She hears the plight of our voiceless friends and is working hard towards creating specialized products for them. In the coming years, she wants to become part of the international market.

You can connect with her on Linkedin to discuss any opportunities or ideas.


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