Nikita Sivakumar’s, CEO and Co-Founder, AdmitNXT : Revolutionizing admission process



In the past few years, the number of students looking for admissions has doubled and continues to be on an upward rise. This increase in enrolments has led to a rise in concern around managing the various processes comprising admissions.

Institutions struggle with two major challenges, the cost of changing existing systems, training staff, and migrating documentation, and the existence of sub-standard tech solutions. While technology is seen as a magic bullet, there is a lot more that technology needs to deliver than just digitization. Technology needs to offer a solution in every sense of the word. This begins with consumer-centricity. A platform that is easy to use ensures quick adoption and more advantages than data collection leads to a better student experience and positively impacts the institute’s reputation.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Nikita Sivakumar, a 25-year old new generation entrepreneur along with her co-founders brings AdmitNXT to the education sector. AdmitNXT comes to the rescue by not just making the admission cycle from recruitment to enrolment digitized but also organized and centralized making it hassle-free for an individual/institution. AdmitNXT whose motto,  ‘We understand tech. And its possibilities in edtech’, is a next-gen admissions solution that uses AI technology to cater to the Education Management industry. A single platform that manages it all seamlessly- student data, provides actionable insights and allows for better data-driven decision making.

Nikita aims to help institutes stuck in the old ways to catch up with a more digital generation. Her vision for AdmitNXT is to offer a holistic solution that enhances the experience for all users, bridges the data gap, and simplifies the entire process to ease the application complexities. Moreover, the importance of using a solution to build relationships with prospective students and engage with them in the digital mode. She truly believes that many educational institutes could benefit from a solution that is easy to use, meets their needs, and then goes steps ahead to suggest ideas on how to improve. Digitizing and automating their processes without burning a hole in their pockets.

A law graduate, whose career has spanned many fields, Nikita didn’t expect that she would go on to be an entrepreneur so soon. She started this platform after she became aware that many institutes were not being served well by their existing systems and processes – especially across the admissions lifecycle. Starting out in one of the fast-growing ecosystems in the world – Turbostart – a sector-agnostic national program aimed at helping start-ups find their way and beyond, from its inception in 2019. A year down the line, she then went on to be part of the founding team of Ken42 and then procured one crore funding for AdmitNXT. Being a young woman entrepreneur she has left no stones unturned in leaving a mark in the Education Management Industry.

The innovations in EdTech are geared towards making the life of all stakeholders easier, and keeping this in mind Nikita through AdmitNXT, is partaking in this avant-garde world of internet penetration to cater to the ‘new normal’ by not just pivoting but persisting as well. AdmitNXT has been perfected through Nikita and her colleague’s experiences, research, and validated by sector experts giving an outcome of rich features and functionalities on the platform keeping the user experience in mind.

It is said that a great entrepreneurial team learns and adapts with time, era and environment, leading their businesses to success, and in turn, the success of their ecosystem. Leading the notion, Nikita with AdmitNXT is not just reconstructing the world of futuristic startups but disrupting the startup ecosystem by moving towards a collaborative working environment.

With AdmitNXT, she is on a mission to revolutionize the fundamentals on which the education management industry is based. With high aspirations, she is walking towards the goal of making AdmitNXT a pioneer in institution engagement during admission cycles. Her journey from a law student to managing the marketing and communications team, to her experience in the investment side of the startup ecosystem, to finally becoming an entrepreneur herself has been full of learning and contributed to building valuable networks and mentors for her and her team.

Aiming to make the company more efficient in a new age world, Nikita and her co-founders are working towards creating synergies in the startup ecosystem. Realising that new entrepreneurs are often supported by a community of people, organisations and other startups and their networks that act as incubators, Nikita is pioneering an approach to work that mines the best talent available in different parts of the country. She has successfully built a business model of the future by increasing the proportion variable of working with different companies and partners proving it to be more cost-effective as it helps to reduce flab, while keeping overheads low.

Nikita’s goal of continuous learning doesn’t just apply to her career, it also expands to her personal life as well. She is an avid traveler and a big foodie who loves listening to music and spending time with friends and family. On embarking on an all-woman leadership journey she humbly said that it is really exciting to be part of the AdmitNXT team, where even though we come from different backgrounds, domain knowledge, and interests, working together on the platform has been seamless for them. With success on the menu, this young leader is set to be an inspiration and a vanguard in the world of edtech starting now, and she’s just getting started.


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