Munmun Desai – Management Trainee to Managing a Portfolio of $3.5Bn



Munmun Desai is a star alumnus of NL. Dalmia institute of management & research, which is where the foundations for her laudable career were laid. People who touch the heights of success have a different way of looking at the summit. The difference in Munmun ’s approach to learning and development during her early days is evident in the regard she has towards her alma mater.

“Two years spent at NLDIMSR were career-defining years for me. A strong foundation was built with the support of excellent faculty, interaction with experienced classmates from a varied background, and thought-provoking guest lecturers in a wonderful environment. Continuous Mentoring by professors and interaction with Industry Experts & alumni’s helped in shaping my personality, thoughts, and approach towards my career and life.” – https://www.nldalmia.in/Pages-Star-Alumni

Vision and determination are the stepping stones for success, with the right aspirations and a driven approach no dream is too far away. Munmun Desai’s life is a testimony to that fact. Being a woman in the world of finance over a decade ago, the cards weren’t exactly dealt with in her favor. But through sheer determination, she turned the tables. Today, she is a beacon for others like her, reinforcing the fact that no goal is out of reach if you commit to it with passion and zeal determination. From being a management trainee to growing into a leadership role in such a dynamic and platonic industry, Munmun has set an example for the greatness that can be created through consistent vision, relentless effort, and unwavering commitment. Her rise in the industry has been a sterling stride of success. 

If you work to make a difference, if you truly enjoy what you do, Success is nothing but a byproduct of your life. In her enriched career as a wealth advisor, Munmun has garnered and fostered the trust of various corporates and start-ups over the years. With research-backed and value-driven advisory, B & K securities have built one of India’s leading wealth management firms from scratch. 

Her recent affiliation with Inflection point ventures showcases her love and passion for the world of finance. Contributing and benefiting from the collective wisdom of like-minded individuals, Munmun sets another precedent with her life. Never stop learning.  

“If you’re working for more than a decade then you get used to just looking at the things the way you are when you started but now every weekend when you’re learning something new I think that is a big investment in your own personality and your own universe and horizon”

This is also a mantra that she has followed in the early days of her career. Working in the fast-paced industry of finance that is constantly threatened by regulations or shifting economies, it becomes imperative to plan ahead. 

“In the financial world, knowledge gives you an edge to stay ahead of the curve. Fortunately, I realized it early in my career and never left learning” – CEO Insights  

Munmun is committed to excellence and to relationships. She values her clients, her company, and her associates. People from her industry turn to her for inspiration, she is an excellent mentor and an idol to many who dream of achieving what she has. The key to which lies in her hard work and strong ethics. 

“Munmun came across as a warm and helpful person. Her customer service attitude was exemplary. She has the potential and I am sure she will go far.” – Yogesh Kothari, Director – Anand Kumar & Associates (Linkedin recommendation)

It is refreshing to see such moral values and ethics in the rigid world of finance. Munmun is also certified in the science of wellbeing from Yale. She promotes environmentally friendly practices and propagates strong community values as well.

One page we can all take from her book is perseverance. If you have a goal, a dream, you should not settle in the face of storms or adversities. Believe in your caliber, trust in your dreams and diligently pursue them. If you love your work and if people associated with you benefit from your actions or support, success will find you. 

     ‘Tough times do not last. Tough people do.’ – Munmun Desai, CEO insights 

And when they do last, they shine, guiding others in their light. With her formula of success and her mantra of ‘never stop learning”, there is no limit to what she will achieve and the dreams she will help others like her


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