Monty Capital reaches a significant milestone with the acquisition of the DFSA Category 4 license in Dubai.



In a significant development for the financial sector, Monty Capital, the esteemed financial and investment advisory arm of the Monty Group of Companies, has announced its successful acquisition of the Category 4 license from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). This regulatory approval marks a pivotal moment for Monty Capital, granting it the authority to widen its array of services, thereby augmenting its proficiency in financial empowerment, investment deal structuring, and credit management.

The attainment of this license underscores Monty Group’s unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in serving the burgeoning technology and financial landscapes of the region. By offering comprehensive and innovative financial solutions meticulously tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of clients in the evolving market milieu, Monty Capital reaffirms its position as a front runner in the industry.

Ahmad Tabbara, the CEO of Monty Capital, conveyed his excitement regarding this regulatory milestone, emphasizing its significance in fortifying the company’s commitment to delivering premier financial advisory services across the region. He expressed eagerness about the new avenues this achievement would unlock, further enabling Monty Capital to contribute meaningfully to its clients’ prosperity.

Mountasser Hachem, chairman of Monty Group of Companies, reflected on the momentousness of this accomplishment, underscoring the organization’s dedication to fostering innovation and growth in its financial advisory endeavors, particularly within the technology and telecommunications sectors. He emphasized the collective ambition to drive transformative change and deliver enduring value across the markets where Monty operates.

With the Category 4 license in hand, Monty Capital is poised to elevate its suite of services, offering enhanced Corporate Finance Assignments designed to empower businesses through strategic planning, business plan development, and working capital management. Moreover, the organization is set to bolster its Investments and M&A services across diverse sectors, building upon its proven track record of professionalism and precision, notably within the telecommunications and fintech domains.

Furthermore, Monty Capital’s credit management capabilities are slated for augmentation through its ‘Arranging Credit and Advising on Credit’ service, providing clients with superior debt advisory and restructuring solutions tailored to navigate complex financial challenges.

As a trusted partner to the Telecom, Media, and Technology (TMT) industry, Monty Capital, leveraging the extensive telecom and fintech experience of Monty Mobile, is poised to offer flexible and expert advisory services tailored to the specific needs of its partners. This regulatory milestone not only solidifies Monty Capital’s pivotal role in supporting telecoms and tech startups but also extends its reach, inviting partnerships from diverse clients across the Middle East region.

With an eye toward the future, Monty Capital is primed for unparalleled growth, drawing upon the telecom and fintech expertise of Monty Mobile to transform ambitious visions into tangible successes for its clients. This synergy heralds a new era of innovation and financial leadership in the region, positioning Monty Capital as a trailblazer in the field.


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