Meet Samuel Kwame Boadu: The Entrepreneur Behind Samboad Business Group Limited, The Fastest Growing Firm Making Waves in Ghana



Samuel Kwame Boadu, also known as SamBoad is an award-winning entrepreneur with more than 10 years of working experience in Digital Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Entrepreneurship and He is the current CEO and Founder of SamBoad Business Group LLC, a wholly-owned Ghanaian business, founded since 2014 with activities and subsidiaries namely SamBoad Express, SamBoad Media Consult, SamBoad Micro-credit Services, and SamBoad Travel & Educational Consult

His personal values steer and guide his business and other businesses he is contracted to be on. Where a people-first policy is essential to his success. He loves innovation, technology, and digital marketing (smart) driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, service excellence, and safety standards (safe).

Samuel Kwame Boadu’s personal style has been built a lifetime in entrepreneurship, Marketing, financial aid services, Human resources, and the Educational consulting industry, He believes in nurturing talent, giving people the tools, resources, and time to flourish in their work environment. This he says can only be achieved through a culture of positive physical and mental health. Where people feel valued and respected.

He added, “Let’s focus on looking after ourselves and each other. It feels good and drives the right behaviors that we need to have. Ensuring we have a positive impact on our collective environmental well-being. Planning for a smart, safe and secure future where one can build his/her business whiles building his business to help unemployment(secure).”

Samuel Kwame Boadu started his first business, SamBoad Business Group Limited, a financial aid, consultancy, and professional services provider right after serving his nation in 2014 and has been an unstoppable force ever since. While running his business SamBoad Business Group Limited he was contracted by many firms and start-ups as a sales executive, digital marketing consultant, educational consultant, business development consultant, customer service advocate, and then Senior-level consultancy. In every company, including Uniagent(India), Beige Capital Savings & Loans, MTN Ghana(Sales & Recruitment), Dalex Finance(Loan Consultant), SamBoad Micro-credit services(Financial Aid Consultancy), and most recently Unicaf(Unic Africa), Cyprus, and Ghana. Samuel has achieved outstanding personal and team results. He finds his greatest motivation in coaching others to perform above and beyond expectations. Samuel Kwame Boadu’s success formula for excellence in execution: 80% Execution (do it) | 15% Position (stick to it) | 5% Strategy (plan it).

Guided by this formula, Samuel Kwame Boadu has led companies to breakthrough results, highlighted by the following:

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: At Beige Capital Savings and Loans, he managed a portfolio worth 2,000,000 Ghs(over $300,000) and brought in investment worth 1,350,000 Ghs(over $160,000) becoming the second-best relationship officer and investment banker at his branch.

SCHOLARSHIP PROCESS: Samuel Kwame Boadu with his SamBoad Travel & Educational Consult team, an activity of SamBoad Business Group Limited processed Scholarship worth $540,000 for over 67 students to study abroad with UNIAGENT and processed scholarship worth $150,000 for over 75 students with UNICAF Scholarship

SALES LEADERSHIP: Samuel Kwame Boadu grew sales at Dalex Finance by 2% after processing Loans worth 458,000 Ghs with his SamBoad Micro-Credit Services Team, the activity of SamBoad Business Group Limited, and able to recover all processed loans with his team. Sold and met all targets at MTN Ghana with their Wireless Broadband(Turbonet) increasing team sales by 1.5% within 3 months of consulting with the sales team in 2019.

MARKET ENTRY THROUGH DIGITAL MARKETING: Established CocoVanilla Ghana, Priority Insurance Company Limited, and other major startups Social Media Presence and propelled its market entry through social media by growing its following on all social media platforms mainly Instagram and Facebook, increasing sales 2.4% within a year with his SamBoad Media Consult team, an activity of SamBoad Business Group Limited. His SamBoad Media Consult Team is made up of Photographers, Videographers, and Branding experts who manage the Social Media Spaces and content for start-ups.

Samuel Kwame Boadu is distinguished by his passion for business, his focus on collaborative team-building, and his commitment to meeting customer and market demands. He is a 4 times nominee for several awards and an award-winning Entrepreneur with The Bizz Awards, USA.

In February 2021, amidst the outbreak of Covid-19 Samuel Kwame Boadu and his firm SamBoad Business Group Limited launched another activity called SamBoad Express delving into the Food delivery business by partnering with Bolt Food. This initiative has seen SamBoad Express increase employees from 3 to 15 riders making within a span of 5 months attracting investors to invest in SamBoad Business Group Limited.


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