Janardan Dalmia, CEO of Trukkin Revolutionizing the Transportation Industry



Janardan Dalmia has always had a knack for solving complex problems with unique and innovative solutions. He is an investment banker who has spent more than a decade in understanding and developing different markets. He has associated with more than $75 Billion in M&A and financing assignments for clients globally. 

Janardan spent a lot of time traveling in various GCC countries. During such a business trip to Saudi, he realized that the Middle East was lagging in the transportation industry. During his meeting with an industry leader, he realized that Saudi’s transportation agency has not yet experienced its 4.0 moment. He decided to conduct extensive groundwork and research to understand the root of the problem. With his experienced eye, Janardhan quickly realized that the lack of transparency and efficiency were crucial factors for the country’s transportation industry’s issues.

To solve this significant problem and revolutionize the transportation industry’s workings, Janardan started Trukkin in 2017. Trukkin is a leading techno-logistics company with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. It focuses on using technology to reinvent and rebuild the logistics ecosystem. Trukkin acts as a consistent and reliable system for both truckers and shippers. 

Trukkin’ is a non-asset-based road network provider that simplifies the entire transportation process. This platform helps shippers by finding a transporter, accelerating delivery, and reducing the overall costs. Trukkin aims to empower every individual in the transportation business—from truck drivers to brokers, shippers, and transportation fleet owners. The main motive of this company is to help by reducing transportation timelines and their associated costs while increasing profits.

Additionally, Trukkin also reduces theft and fraud incidents through Trukkin’s verified pool of drivers and transporters. Transporters can benefit by using Trukkin’s revolutionary, IoT-driven navigation systems. This system helps the transporter decrease fuel costs and the time required for delivery. Truck drivers have access to the platform’s innovative software that can help them concentrate on driving. This software can guide the drivers to the nearest fueling stations, pit stop, and service depots while traveling. Trukkin’s also has a revolutionary payment system that helps in automating the process of payment to the drivers.

Janardan is a well-known and experienced financial professional who helps several organizations with capital investment for private equity and VC deals. He is an invaluable resource for the development of Trukkin because of his years of experience in the global corporate finance industry. His experience of more than a decade has helped him with the several challenges Trukkin’ faced during its initial years.

There were several challenges in the beginning, as is the case with any entrepreneurial journey. The most formidable challenge was to convince transporters, shippers, and drivers to join the platform as the transportation industry was still an owner-driven business. Another challenge was to make the platform capable of handling any challenge or risk that might come.

The recent pandemic was an unexpected challenge for every sector, but Trukkin managed to pull through and came out as a valuable commodity by delivering essentials products.

Trukkin has grown a lot in recent years and is still going strong. Under the trained eye of Janardan Dalmia, Trukkin is expected to be one of the top next-generation logistics companies in the region. Trukkin is at the forefront of the new wave of this digital revolution to help the world reap the benefits of world-class transportation—now available at their fingertips.

To connect with Janardan, you can reach out to him on Linkedin.


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