Dr. Shikha Baghi Bhandari, an Expert Aesthetician, Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry



To be someone who transforms the cultural and industrial norms that change mindsets from a demographical and class standpoint can be considered a revolutionary. Can I claim such a title as a Permanent Makeup Artist? Others say that a lot but titles are for those who seek notoriety, I’m a simple woman from Punjab who is a daughter, mother, sister, wife, and in the end, a Professional woman. Wearing too many hats allows me to live multiple lives and gain a collective perspective.

My mission has always been straightforward, bringing peace to one’s identity and that plays an enormous role in society worldwide.

We have set the standards of beauty so high and unattainable that you’re not considered beautiful if you don’t resemble a Bollywood actor or a supermodel, you’re not considered beautiful. Worst than that, you yourself do not consider yourself beautiful.

Permanent Makeup has broken this glass ceiling where I have proven to people that what you were born with, is beautiful. Yes, you require some maintenance and tweaks but a drastic change is not required to realize this. My philosophy fits perfectly with a girl who has lost her features due to violence or trauma to her counterpart who has never been groomed or groomed incorrectly.

Finding balance is key and less is more are perfect ways of life. Enhancing your features without unnecessary changes or additions is what I do. I categorically deny any procedure that changes your identity or can be deemed as unnatural. You are the real you, when you change yourself to look like someone else, you lose yourself. Be yourself, be the best version of yourself.

Permanent Makeup is the most minimally complex cosmetic solution to major fixes. Slight adjustments, some depth, and definition, contouring, shaping, correcting, and most of all, highlighting one’s features so they’d fit them. One look and you’d be inclined to say, that’s perfect.

It’s like my company’s motto, “a perfect look, captured forever” I strive to perfect my own legacy to go against the grain and solidify my moniker as the one who introduces you to the real you. My clinics are governed under the same philosophy.


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