Dechhen Lama – A Meek Girl Weighing 86 kgs to a BollyBeats Elite Trainer



You never know what you are capable of till you try. Some people find their calling in their very first endeavor while others have to try many things before they finally discover what they like. However, what matters is the will to keep going even when everything you try bears no fruits at all.

Dechhen Lama, a Fitness Expert, has multiple professional certifications and skills under her belt. However, before finally making a mark in the fitness industry, Dechhen tried doing many things but she never felt connected.

A certified Dentist, Dechhen never thought that she would be making her life in the world of fitness becoming one of the top names in the industry. She even tried getting a degree in social work before enrolling for BDS but it just wasn’t meant for her.

However, she was lucky enough to have loving and understanding parents, who supported her throughout her life. Even when she decided to make such a massive shift in her career plans, she had immense support that made a huge difference.

Dechhen recalls, “I used to weigh around 86 kgs that caused low esteem. I felt humiliation and peer pressure everywhere. It was at these times that I got a drop in my second year of graduation that left a lot of free time on my hands. So, I joined a gym but I couldn’t make it after the first day of my membership. Then one day, my mom asked me to join her for her fitness class. I went along with her and found happiness in dancing. More than happiness, I discovered myself which I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

And as fate had it, those one-hour sessions that started with her casually tagging along with her mom became her favorite time of the day. Incidentally, she even lost 15 kilos in around six months and was already good at whatever she tried her hands on. Looking at how natural she was in the gym, her instructor advised her to get a certification.

Now, she has so many certifications that it is not even possible to list them all. Her certifications include Zumba Fitness, BollyBeats Fitness MixTape, Zumba Step, Labooca Fitness, Booiaka Fitness, Pilates, and Functional Training.

One fateful day, Dechhen had the conversation of her lifetime. Her friends casually advised her to start a studio of her own which she had never thought about. But that thought stuck. You never know what might inspire you in your life. And within one month, there it was. Her very own studio, Hustle House.

Dechhen still wanted to progress. So, she got a BollyBeats Fitness certification and joined BollyBeats Mumbai Chapter as an Elite Instructor. She now choreographs routines for BollyBeat Trainers and is glad how her life has turned out to be.

When not grooving on a music track or sweating it out at the gym, she can be found participating in social events. She has already participated in events like Times of India Group’s Happy Street, a fitness event with Back to Bachpan, a fitness event with Rotary Club of Mumbai, and many more.

Dechhen has had a thrilling life filled with many unexpected turns. However, no matter how many challenges life threw at her, she always surfed her way through the waves. The once shy and meek girl is now a BollyBeats Elite Trainer. She wouldn’t have thought about this in her wildest dreams. But then, such is life and Dechhen has since been an inspiration to many more who want to break free and pursue their passion.

To keep up with Dechhen on her journey to opening multiple branches of her studio in the coming years, you can follow her on Instagram.


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