The Unimaginable Hustler Who Went From Emptiness to the Most Impactful Sales & Mindset Coach in India



Ashish Janiani is a name today in the sales & leadership community denting how coaching is done and transforming companies, their CEOs, and team members with not a ‘feel good’ coaching module, but ‘hate it, and get results’ module. But this journey has almost been unrealistic, and here we give you insight into a man who is transforming India state by state; company by company; CEO by CEO; human by human.

Unfortunately, as Ashish says “I was born into a rich family. I was blessed with a family of 4 businesses into stocks, film distribution, transport, and jewelry. I say this with a lot of heart because my parents and family all gave me a lot of love and they are good people. I love them.” But, Ashish mentions that his happiness ended there: No matter how unbelievable it may sound, but it is true, “I tried committing suicide 10 times; didn’t have true friends, never really socialized, couldn’t speak in front of 5 people, made my parent’s life extremely challenging by creating havocs every weekend I can’t describe here in words; to say I was miserable is an understatement; I was soul-less!.”

If that’s not enough, would you believe that today’s very known & popular international transformational mind and sales coach wet his bed till he was 14, was diagnosed with asthma in his teenage which made it difficult for him to walk a few steps, and he would bleed every other day with sneezes so much so that you can still see the nerve marks on his nose today two decades later if you ever saw him in person. This article and its advice is for all those who have all the potential and still are absolutely miserable and empty inside. “I know how It feels: very dark, very lonely; very very lonely & helpless.” Ashish says with a pause.

Keep reading because this will inspire the darkness in you:

Ashish left home at 16, and has never returned to stay back or even once tried learning the ropes of any of his family businesses; he gave all that up. He says ‘‘I wanted to know who am I outside my family; If I didn’t have the parents and family I was born into, would I still be worth it; this thought drove and drives me even today more than money” Rare thinking, isn’t it? Ashish started working at 18 by washing dishes and teaching and went to sell door to door working on pure 28% commission in 2009 in the Silicon Valley, and that’s where he found his calling: Sales & Mental Toughness combined. He returned home from the valley with a one-way ticket giving up his green card papers convinced that he didn’t want to wait 5 years for a piece of paper to tell him that he can run a business. Upon returning to India, he worked in sales at American Express taking public busses, travelling by 2nd class compartments of local trains, and went from making Rs. 3 lakh a month in the valley to Rs. 18,000 in India all to learn how business is done in the financial capital of India-Mumbai. He then went on later to work & learn about technology with the founders of a to be billion dollar tech company Directi. Before and after, he failed in networking marketing and his ahead of the time coffee delivery corporate café before Swiggy was born and Zomato didn’t yet deliver. All this left him with Rs. 6000 at the age of 28 with nothing to show for his international exposure and all the guts he thought he had!

“I remember going and sitting by the ocean, I was blank, lost, and for the first time really didn’t believe or looked at anything; I thought I was done. With no clue to what I wanted to do or become, I started writing a blog called MotivationalDiaries.com to express my learnings of great self-help books that kept me taking the next step even under depression, and, in many ways, is how I had transformed my health by changing my conviction in my body: It resulted in all my health issues vanishing, and 15 years later today, my usual workouts are 250 pulls ups, 4500 skips, 1000 pushups, 6 km runs: each workout 40 minutes long, and guess what I used to take breaks on weekends, but since September 2017 till today April 2021, I have had only 18 days of a break!”.

Ashish realized that he can teach what he knew about success though financially he was broke. Then came the final breaking point (still a true story): He got kicked out of his uncle’s house right after starting MotivationalDiaries with Rs. 38,000 in total income generated and rented a 200 sq. feet slum area house sharing the room where his roommate would smoke up every day. But, Ashish persevered every day making calls, going for appointments, sending proposals, getting small wins, and not giving up. Fast forward today, MotivationalDiaries is a name in the sales & mind transformation coaching industry in India, and Ashish Janiani is regarded as the Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins of India combined with his energy, mind fitness expertise, and sales coaching skills. ISO 9001:2015 certified company MotivationalDiaries.com and its founder & CEO, Ashish have directly worked with Hindustan Petroleum, Bank of Baroda, LIC, Thomas Cook, K Raheja, Adani Group, Lodhas, Taj Hotels, TGPL, and many many more fortune 500 and successful family businesses in all corners of India: 28 cities to be precise, and counting!

He ends the interview with the below thought:

“People say there is no magic pill, but I have come to realize there is: It is failure and belief. Once you don’t judge your worth by failures and focus on that 1 chance to win, great things start to unfold. All the success I have today physically, mentally, financially, in my relationships, and spiritually is all because of this philosophy. I wish entrepreneurs reading this feel what I feel when I fail: An opportunity to get excited to improve. This is the hidden secret to my success: I love failing, getting back up, and asking myself: What is my worth?”


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