Aida Sahraoui brings the Power of Digital Performance Marketing



Digital performance marketing, in many cases, acts as the backbone of many Digital Marketing Agencies. It is a field of digital marketing that focuses majorly on data collection and analysis. Performance marketing is data driven and involves no guesswork in its strategies. All the strategies of performance marketing are focused on making the business function more efficiently. 

Most marketing firms only provide digital marketing strategies and do not monitor performance marketing. Aida Sahraoui, a marketing expert, saw that there is a market gap in the way digital marketing is handled. There was a need for a digital performance agency that understood this gap and hence, started her own company WONE. 

WONE DMCC is a Digital Performance Agency that is situated in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. This company manages many small, medium and large businesses across the region, and globally. WONE operates on the basis of methodologies developed with the help of over ten years of cumulative experience in Performance Digital Marketing.

After finishing her baccalaureate in Science and Business from Algiers, Algeria, Aida Sahraoui completed her master’s in International Business from France. In her master’s, she learned about the importance of SME’s for a healthy market economy. She did several marketing internships to develop a versatile skill set and then went onto joining Paris’s best marketing agency. 

She was ready to take the world by a storm and decided to take on the global market by working for marketing firms in Dubai. With her raw talent and unique outlook, Aida progressed in her career to Digital Director at Keyade, Group M, WPP. 

After some years, Aida decided to provide better services to different businesses by starting her own company. With her business partners, she started WONE. Aida believed that the existing marketing agencies had the market cornered and provided low services at a higher pricing point.  

Thus, Aida started WONE, a Performance Digital Marketing agency. WONE has established its roots in the industry and is ready to expand in the digital learning industry. WONE is launching WONE Academy, an online learning platform targeting digital marketing. 

WONE Academy plans to offer highly technical and advanced digital marketing courses. At this platform, you can also have a one on one class with the founder Aida herself for a tailored and personalized coaching session.  It also aims at being the one stop academy for all to strengthen their digital marketing skills and become self-sufficient. She is very excited about the future. In five years, Aida aims to make WONE Academy the first go-to destination when looking for online courses related to digital performance. 

Also, Aida recently partnered WONE with Astrolabs to deliver better and more advanced digital marketing courses across the GCC, helping professionals and students achieve their goals. She considers herself as the guiding force bringing WONE’s three pillars: its team, clients, and partners together.

Through WONE, Aida’s hopes to provide the best solutions to any strategic, technical, and operational solutions across all digital platforms. 

Aida herself is a highly passionate individual with a knack for psychology and the recent technological advancements. Aida’s mantra is ‘data is the best judge in what we do’. She is one of those few who are determined to make the digital world a better place.  

To discuss any opportunities, you can reach out to her on Linkedin.


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